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Are you ready to move forward in life? 

HeartsPurpose Counselling offers a supportive, caring service to those in need.  Our goal is to work with you to address your concerns and come up with ways that are supportive of your hopes, dreams and values in life.



Do you or your child need help with...

Depression - Anxiety - Postnatal Depression - Eating Disorders - Bullying - Grief - Low Self-Esteem


or your experience might look something like this...

panic - fear - dread - helplessness - utter sadness - emptiness - alone

overwhelmed - powerless - unfit parent/partner - disappointment - failure - isolated

unworthy - useless - hopeless - scared - worried - judged - blamed - unloved

rejected - lost - unsupported - outsider - stuck - forgotten



Problems come in many words and in all shapes and sizes.  Sometimes problems can affect us so much that we, ourselves feel like one big problem.  When this happens we can forget who we are - we can forget our hearts purpose.  I'm here to help you rediscover that YOU are not a problem.  YOU ARE YOU.  Let's work together to find out who you really are and what you stand for in life.